Mentoring and Acceleration Program


Promotion of Creative Economy Program

The Program for Promotion of Creative Economy, result of a partnership between National Association of Entities Promoting Innovative Enterprises (Associação Nacional de Entidades Promotoras de Empreendimentos Inovadores – Anprotec), Samsung and the Korean Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (Centro Coreano de Economia Criativa e Inovação – CCEI), aims to identify, select and offer support to innovative enterprises, with investments for the acceleration of the selected projects.

The Program is developed through rounds, which last approximately 9 months. Each new round a new group of startups is selected to participate and is then supported by Samsung, Anprotec and pre-selected business incubators in different regions of Brazil.

The selected company takes part in a series of activities, developed throughout the 9 months. Among these activities:

  • Presentation of the startups for a specialized team from Samsung through pitch sessions;
  • Mentoring with Samsung’s technical team about strategic themes, such as creative economy, product design, digital marketing and company technologies;
  • Development of a business model;
  • Support of incubators selected by the Program;
  • Training focused on the creation of innovative enterprises, inspired by the Korean Model of Culture in Creative Economy, established in South Korea by CCEI Daegu.


Empresas apoiadas:

The Mind the Graph is a “Do It Yourself” platform that engaged in the improvement of projects and research presentations by offering tools to generate scientific illustrations and infographics. It provides “design for non-designers” and gives autonomy to health professionals to improve their own presentations by offering a variety of templates, graphics, and illustrations.


The Sinapse Virtual is a platform for evaluation and stimulation of pedagogical and cognitive abilities of children and teens of school age. The company believes that education is the main tool for social transformation and uses neuroscience and its technological resources as pillars for the construction of a new education, seeking to stimulate the social and emotional intelligence of children and adolescents.


ÁION is a ‘maker’ with a focus on the development of solutions to improve the user experience with routine and process automation in residential and business environments. AION’s solutions apply the concepts of 4.0 industry, emphasizing Artificial Intelligence and IoT, the Internet of the Things, through the conception of embedded systems, collaborative robotics, and 3D printing.


Automation of residential routines and business processes;

Project and development of electronic products;

3D printing;



Incubation and Acceleration of Impact Program

It is a partnership between Instituto de Cidadania Empresarial (ICE), Anprotec and the Brazilian support to micro and small enterprises (Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas – SEBRAE) aiming to mobilize accelerators and incubators to design strategies to attract, select and follow the development of Social Impact Business on their portfolio.

The program works on a premise that incubators and accelerators have an enormous potential to influence Brazil’s entrepreneurial agenda, disseminating the impact business concept on a national scale, and contributing to more solutions for solving social problems to emerge and be strengthened.