Since its creation, the Paraíba Technological Park has been consolidated by the offering of attractive potential of local vocations and skills to investments in future-carrying segments. This path confirms and expands the vision of “being recognized as an innovative environment of reference in the articulation, connection and cooperation between institutional partners, in a sustainable and socially responsible way”.

The evolution of its value proposition: 1) full supply of highly qualified labor, especially with a focus on the future-carrying areas; 2) plurality in the institutional arrangement involved with management and evolution, favoring a non-partisan governance model and better positioned strategically; And 3) focus on business areas with already established skills, attractive to the market and investors, and which have an impact on local and regional development; It was essential for the design and implementation of CITTA ─ Telmo Araújo Innovation and Technology Center.

CITTA was designed, at the beginning of 2006, to expand and consolidate the systematic and cooperative adoption of processes and practices with an emphasis on organizing, prioritizing, enabling and connecting the supply and demand of intelligent and technological services for the promotion of innovation in the State of Paraíba and in the Northeast Region. With the start of the operation in 2013, Paraíba has now a multipurpose environment that supports the connection of decision processes in the Park; attracts private and public companies, state agencies, universities and research institutes; and strengthens and intensifies fundraising for the full development of the potential for knowledge ownership in the form of technological innovations, products, processes and services.

The name of the Innovation Center is a tribute to Professor Telmo Silva de Araújo, due to his important contribution to teaching, research and extension for over 20 years as a professor at UFPB / UFCG, and to the promotion of innovative entrepreneurship in the State, In the Region and in the country.

Located in the city of Campina Grande, internationally recognized as one of the technological centers in the production of knowledge in the country, thanks to its network of partners and technical training centers and universities, constantly expanding, with a PhD for every 590 inhabitants, which characterize the city as propitious to innovation.

Among the activities carried out by CITTA, the following stand out:

– Implementation of intelligent self-sustaining services to companies in the region and to state and municipal governments to support innovation processes;
– Provision of facilities and other concessions of infrastructure, communication and logistics for partner companies;
– Organization of technological information services to companies, governments and universities in the region and, in particular, the State of Paraíba;
– Encouraging the emergence of venture capital businesses to create risk investment opportunities for partner companies;
– Realization of studies, projects and research oriented to the generation, appropriation and sharing of knowledge necessary to promote technological innovations;
– Realization of studies, projects and research oriented to the generation, appropriation and sharing of knowledge necessary to promote technological innovations.

CITTA receives enterprises and research, development and innovation centers that act in apropriation of Information and Communication Technology, Materials Engineering, Biotechnology, with emphasis in the creation of products and services for Health, Energy and Agrobusiness sectors.

In the 2,5 hectares in which CITTA is installed, are availale lots of land for the construction of RD&I centers, with the capacity to house up to 52 enterprises, such: for Anchor Companies: 6.613,50m²; for Medium-sized companies : 4.500 m²; for Small-sized companies: 4.500m²; parking for 322 spots; and living area: 250 m².

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