Increase in the success rate of the enterprise, through: Training and Mentoring in the five support axes aligned to CERNE platform (Entrepeneur, Management, Technology, Market and Capital);

Development and improvement of the entrepreneurial profile;

Use the brand of Polo Tecnológico de Bodocongó (Bodocongó Technological Pole);

Insertion of the business into fairs, business roundtables and investors forums;

Use of complete infrastructure with low maintenance cost and recognized by its strategic partners network;
Articulation with the technological base installed in the State of Paraíba (professionals and infrastructure residing in laboratories of UFCG, UFPB, UEPB, IFPB, INSA and other partners);

Access to specialized advisory services (marketing, legal, sales, among others);

Interaction with the Bodocongó Technological Pole, working on joint initiatives with superior education institutes (UFCG, UFPB, IFPB, UEPB), sciences and technology institutes (INSA, CITTA) and development agencies (SEBRAE, FAPESQ, EmpreenderPB) in generating high impact business

Access to mentoring programs, acceleration, and entrepreneurial capital, such as: Inovativa Brasil, Samsung’s Creative Economy Program, Incubation and Impact Acceleration Program – (Programa de Incubação e Aceleração de Impacto, ICE), and PRIMATEC Fund;

Support for the internationalization of the business, through the connection of the project to Land2land, CONNECT, and PEIEX-PB Programs, performed in partnership with ANPROTEC and Apex-Brasil;

Access to the CITTA (Center of Innovation and Technology Telmo Araújo) – an innovation center that supports the articulation and partnership of projects between governments, companies and universities.