“To support the creation and growth of companies, creative and innovative, so they can transfer to the market the knowledge and technologies generated in the RD&I Institutions, Public and Private, and Creative Industries through products, services or processes whose commercialization – including abroad – contribute to regional and country.”


Through CERNE 4 certification, be a reference incubator in Brazil, consolidating and connecting, through its actions and support areas, successful and globally competitive businesses.


Social and environmental responsibility


The Technology – Based Incubator of Creative and Innovative Enterprises (Incubadora Tecnológica de Empreendimentos Criativos e Inovadores – ITCG), located in Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil, conceived and managed by the Paraiba Science Park Foundation (Fundação PaqTcPB), supports innovative projects in the identification and development of its ideas, aiming at its viability and insertion in the market, from the creation to the consolidation, as a way to promote innovative entrepreneurship in our state and region.
The Incubator was created in 1986 with the initial objective of establishing professionals around the University Campus of Campina Grande, based on the promotion of its innovative ideas. Today, with the support of diversified and well-articulated partners, the Incubator has been consolidating itself in the exploration, mentoring, fostering and internationalizing of its businesses.
ITCG is one of the pioneer incubators in the use and application of the CERNE model – Reference Center for Support to New Ventures (Centro de Referência para Apoio a Novos Empreendimentos, CERNE) – Management Platform developed by ANPROTEC and supported by SEBRAE.

Executive Board (2018/2022):

– General Director: José Nilton Silva – UFCG
– Assistant Director/administrative: Clóvis Alberto Vieira de Melo – UFCG
– Technical Director: Nadja Maria da Silva Oliveira

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is the highest body of the PaqTcPB Foundation. It is formed by the following institutions:

– Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG);
– State University of Paraíba (UEPB);
– Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB);
– Government of the State of Paraíba;
– Campina Grande City Hall (PMCG);
– Federation of Industries of the State of Paraíba (FIEP);
– Brazilian Service to Support Micro and Small Enterprises (Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio à Micro e Pequena Empresa – SEBRAE / PB);
– Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB);
– Commercial Association of Campina Grande (Associação Comercial de Campina Grande – ACCG), and
– National Semiarid Institute (Instituto Nacional do Semiárido – INSA)

Institutional bodies of PaqTcPB

– National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico – CNPq)
– Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB);
– Government of the State of Paraíba, and
– Bank of the State of Paraíba (PARAIBAN).